PJP Conveyors was set up by Paul Eden & Paul Crew – two gentlemen with extensive experience in the UK conveyor industry

Paul Eden

Paul Eden


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Paul Crew

Paul Crew

Sales / Maintenance

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The Pauls met whilst collaborating on a project and quickly realised they had each found more than a namesake. Both shared similar industry frustrations such as inadequate customer service, scant aftersales care, suppliers that didn’t deliver what they promised when they said they would…

They decided to make a positive impact and set up a conveyor manufacturing organisation that was true to their own values: one that was upfront about costs, kept customers informed throughout their project, looked after equipment for the long term, fixed issues and kept its promises.

And so PJP Conveyors was born to a round of applause from the manufacturing and warehousing industries. Finally, a conveyor supplier that can be relied upon with customer service at its heart.

Why not find out yourself what makes PJP Conveyors different?