Case Studies

Conveyors That Help to Make… Conveyors

A circular conveyor industry

PJP Conveyors recently created these two off-horizontal belt conveyors for a US international business who manufacture stainless steel belts. The resulting belts subsequently form part of new specialist conveyors that transport edible products at speed to freezers and ovens for the food industry.

Working hard with stainless steel wire

The conveyors are from our standard range of tracker conveyors. Their application here is to transfer stainless steel formed wire that the customer creates from their new machines to three assembly stations where they are formed into belts by operators.

Special features

The conveyors are both reversable and possess independent control systems. Human appendages are all safe since we included stainless steel finger protection and emergency stop pull cord.  The conveyors also have product transfer plates and underslung centre drives.

Need a conveyor?

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