Case Studies

High-Speed Product Sorter for Footwear Supplier

A colossal conveyor challenge

PJP were tasked with the design, build, installation and commissioning of a high-speed sortation solution. This ended up being part of one of the largest conveyor systems we’ve ever supplied!

The remit was to sort shoe boxes into 102 destinations following a pick process spread over a three-level warehouse using 30 pickers. The pick process and transport conveyors (also supplied and installed by PJP) can output a shoe box at a rate of one per second so the sortation solution needed to keep up with this extremely quick rate. 

Identifying the best components

PJP compared many bi-directional product transfer units and, following various tests and consultations, we selected the Itoh Denki ‘F-Rat’ 24v transfer unit due to low noise, efficient transfer, high speed 24v technology and low maintenance. The units also allow product separation and even give a zero-line pressure feature for complete stability and accuracy which is essential when handling a huge range of box sizes at this speed: anything from 150mm x 150mm up to 600mm x 600mm.

The solution

We decided upon two sorters – one with 66 destinations and the other 36. Prior to the sorters we included a barcode reader to identify the box, look up the product, match it to the relevant order and then instruct the system on which lane to send each shoebox to. 

These sorters have enabled our client to automatically sort up to 3600 individual shoe boxes per hour and get them safely to 102 locations, with zero manual intervention or product handling from staff. Quite a staggering cost and labour saving vs manual sortation methods…. 

PJP can offer a huge range of product sortation solutions, please contact us for more information.