Flexible working is the way for PJP

The way we work is hitting the news headlines again. With the topsy-turvy world of lockdown behind us, there’s now much debate over what’s the best way to work. Is it hybrid working, office-based or fully remote working?

PJP Conveyors has operated under a flexible and remote working protocol since its outset. The primary reason is because customer relationships are of paramount importance to us and we want to be able to jump in a car (or on a train) to see a customer whenever we need to without being tied to conventional office hours. Admittedly, having witnessed the success of videoconferencing over the last 3 years, we do a little more of that and spend less time on the road than we used to!

Flexible working allows PJP employees the time to work on customer requests, respond to emergencies and give projects / requests the attention they deserve all whilst maintaining a work-life balance.

Another of our company mantras is not to tie up our diaries with hours of internal meetings so that we are available on the phone when you need us. So, if you’d like to discuss a project – be it past, present or potential – call us on 07740 926615 or 07810 838578.