Several Ways we can all help Combat Climate Change

If we stand any chance of saving the planet from certain doom, we certainly all need to do our bit. Industrial operations tend to use a minimum of 55,000 kWh of electricity alone per year compared to the 2,900kWh by a typical British household – at least 19 times more – so it’s clear that significant carbon reduction is possible if industrial energy consumption can start to be reduced. One major way to aid this is by making manufacturing processes more efficient.

PJP is a safecontractor accredited business which means that health, safety and sustainability are always on our minds. We make sure that all new manufacturing and warehouse conveyors and conveyor systems we work on minimise energy consumption and maximise efficiency. We are constantly looking into new technology that pushes boundaries and takes energy saving to even greater levels – and there are some very exciting developments on the horizon.

What else are PJP doing to help combat climate change?
At a more micro level, PJP leave our cars parked up a lot more than we used to and have found adopting video conferencing has really helped achieve our own environmental aspirations whilst still upholding our client management standards. Having tried a few different platforms we confess that we are now official Microsoft Teams fans.

We are mindful of our own energy usage in our workplaces and have a company mantra of reaching for a jumper rather than turning the heating up. And there’s no aircon anywhere (well apart from in our cars which we try not to use much!)

We’ve chosen to not jump on the electric car bandwagon for now as the EV charging network doesn’t seem to have quite the coverage we need and the thought of visiting certain remote client sites gives us a distinct panicky feeling. We’ll keep leaving the cars on the drive as much as possible for now…

A perfect example of PJP illustrating sustainability
This video shows one of our conveyors doing it’s job without using any electricity or manmade energy – it’s just harnessing the power of gravity: