Case Studies

Automated Solution for Cosmetics Supplier

The requirement

A leading cosmetics supplier required an automated solution to allow each of their parcels to be weighed & measured and the info printed on a carrier label. This would have the effect of automating the despatch process and required PJP to create what is usually referred to as a DWS (Dimensioning Weighing and Scanning) System.

The design

With the brief established, PJP designed and constructed an automated system to do the following:

  1. Boxes are driven to a weigh scale conveyor and a 2D barcode is scanned.
  2. The label data from the client database is matched to the correct order.
  3. Our DWS unit then automatically takes the weight and all dimensions of the parcel and outputs this data to our Programmable Logic Controller (PLC).
  4. Once the parcel arrives at the print and apply machine the barcode is scanned and a label is produced containing the shipping address, dimensions and weight.
  5. The label is then automatically applied to the parcel and the order is dispatched to the relevant carrier for delivery.

The system includes a reject lane to eject any parcels not expected at the DWS which allows the despatch line to run continuously.  

Just one of many warehouse solutions available

PJP Conveyors’ DWS solutions are available for a huge range of product sizes and systems are tailored to client requirements. We can interface with in-house systems such as ERP or 3rd party Warehouse Management Systems to create a fully automated despatch process.

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