Case Studies

Bespoke Conveyors for Plastic Extrusion Pipe-making

A catalogue of different pipe requirements

PJP recently supplied three bespoke off-feed conveyors for a major plastics extrusion company to facilitate their ability to make pipes for domestic and commercial settings. The system needed to take extrusion sections directly off the production line and deposit them into stillages.

The various demands of heating, drainage and plumbing require a multitude of different length pipes, therefore we needed to create a moveable end-stop to allow for different cut lengths of product.

The conveyor system was made from a robust mild steel construction and needed to be mobile to allow it to move between different production lines for maximum versatility and ROI for the customer.

Bespoke conveyors and electrical controls 

To complement the system, PJP also designed and built bespoke electrical controls to allow for speed adjustment and integration with the customer’s own extrusion line machinery.

The bespoke conveyors and electrical controls were designed and manufactured at PJP’s in-house facility in Nottingham. The system was delivered in an impressive 8 weeks from the order being placed.

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