Case Studies

‘Can’ We Fix It? Yes We Can! An Adjustable Guiderail Solution for a Packaging Manufacturer

Guiding cans was not going smoothly

One of our customers who produces cans wanted a better solution for their manufacturing conveyor. The customer was using ‘lock in’ guides which were not effective in steering empty cans around bends and conveyor transfers. Whenever they needed to switch between producing different sized products they faced lengthy downtime.

To widen or narrow their conveyor guide sets between batch runs involved a complicated manual fitting of a whole new set of guides onto conveyor mounting dowels. Not only did this take ages, there was also plenty of scope for error – with the customer experiencing unplanned expansions and contractions and problems when cans accumulated against the guides.

There was also the issue of storing four complete colour coded guide sets.


A solution in partnership with Zepf Technologies

We worked with Zepf Technologies to develop a new double rail adjustable guide set that would replace the existing system. The solution specifically supported 90-degree bends, conveyor transfer points and included special can accumulation areas.

The new system had four adjustable colour coded positions which catered for the wide range of can diameters being handled on the line. No tools were required to change the guide positions, just a simple repeatable process that automatically dropped rail sections onto the correct set of pins. A changeover between batch runs now took only a few seconds, meaning virtually no lost time.

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