Case Studies

Helping The Range Load up Lorries Quickly

From packing benches to loading bays

PJP have designed and built a mild-steel conveyor system which is performing well at The Range. Line-shaft driven rollers and a Zero-Line Pressure (ZLP) system now take parcels of products efficiently around from packing benches to lorry loading bays. The parcels are individually separated and distributed straight to docked lorries via flexible conveyors using 90-degree F-RAT transfers which divert boxes accordingly and ensure the right parcel gets to the correct lorry.

Zero line pressure solution protects people & products

One of the advantages of using ZLP in this solution is that it ensures products don’t touch each other. So, there’s no ‘pressure’ building up anywhere which may cause product damage or cause health and safety hazards.

If you think that incorporating a ZLP conveyor solution may have similar benefits for your business, get in touch and we’d be delighted to help.