Leading Cosmetics Manufacturer Benefits from PJP Pre-Planned Maintenance

Leading Cosmetics Manufacturer Benefits from PJP Pre-Planned Maintenance

Case Studies

Leading Cosmetics Manufacturer Benefits from PJP Pre-Planned Maintenance

One savvy cosmetics manufacturer has turned to PJP to proactively address potential issues in their conveyor operations before they escalate into more significant problems. As a manufacturing business, they need to be able to trust their machines and technology to run operations smoothly. An unexpected breakdown or equipment failure could spell disaster in terms of costly downtime, reduced productivity, eroded profits and unhappy customers. That’s why support and maintenance is key.

Checklists are our best friends

PJP takes a planned and systematic approach to maintaining the customer’s machinery, equipment and systems. This involves regularly servicing and inspecting the customer’s operational assets. At our most recent visit, we meticulously went through a huge checklist of items.

We checked everything to do with their conveyor’s rollers, bands, shafts, chains, joints, gates, fan vents, sensors, pull cords, motors… then cleaned, fixed, re-positioned and re-tensioned as needed.

Safety is crucial in the operation

Our visits are also the perfect opportunity to assess the safety of the entire operation. Safety checks and inspections help identify potential hazards or faulty components that could pose a threat to employees’ well-being. By addressing these issues promptly, the customer creates a safer working environment, reducing the chances of accidents or injuries.

Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

When installing spares, in line with the customer’s wishes, we use reconditioned parts when possible. This had sustainability benefits and keeps down the cost of the service.

We now have a watch list for the parts of their conveyors that are likely to need attention when we next come over. Everything is done in collaboration with the customer so there are no sharp intakes of breath. Just a reliable and fully working conveyor system that will have a significantly longer lifespan due to the care that we are taking over it.

We look after other manufacturers’ conveyors too

Did you know that we look after many conveyors that have been supplied by other manufacturers – not just the ones that we make?

To find out about our affordable servicing and maintenance packages for manufacturing, warehousing and distribution conveyors, get in touch for a no obligation quote.

Conveyors That Help to Make… Conveyors

Conveyors That Help to Make… Conveyors

Case Studies

Conveyors That Help to Make… Conveyors

A circular conveyor industry

PJP Conveyors recently created these two off-horizontal belt conveyors for a US international business who manufacture stainless steel belts. The resulting belts subsequently form part of new specialist conveyors that transport edible products at speed to freezers and ovens for the food industry.

Working hard with stainless steel wire

The conveyors are from our standard range of tracker conveyors. Their application here is to transfer stainless steel formed wire that the customer creates from their new machines to three assembly stations where they are formed into belts by operators.

Special features

The conveyors are both reversable and possess independent control systems. Human appendages are all safe since we included stainless steel finger protection and emergency stop pull cord.  The conveyors also have product transfer plates and underslung centre drives.

Need a conveyor?

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, we can help by carefully designing, building and installing just the solution you need. Whether it’s a manufacturing application, a sorting application or a delivery application – simply contact us for a quote.

Conveyor Move and Upgrade for International Security Product Supplier

Conveyor Move and Upgrade for International Security Product Supplier

Case Studies

Conveyor Move and Upgrade for International Security Product Supplier

The requirement

PJP were asked by a longstanding customer to change the layout of their conveyor system and upgrade various sections so it could fully support new processes.

A strategy that meant no downtime

The work was carried out over two weekends which meant no downtime or hassle for the customer during their working hours.

Following 50% completion over the first weekend we left the conveyor in a working state in its new position, with a temporary outfeed to ensure the customer’s picking, scanning and despatch processes could continue as normal. By the end of the following weekend the project was complete.

What we delivered

We had removed old and problematic transfers and replaced with modern F-RAT units by Itoh Denki. An equally outdated belt driven roller section was updated to 24v ZLP conveyors. Scanner outputs had been changed to sortation lanes which suited new carrier label processes.

The programmable logic controller (PLC) software was upgraded to a newer version which was future-proofed to support operations both now and in the forthcoming years. We also adapted the human-machine interface (HMI) to the new layout and added in useful new functionality.

Finally, testing and commissioning the whole system with the client ensured it performed exactly as required. Job done.

Is there room for improvement in your own conveyors?

This is just one example of how we work with clients to enhance their conveyor processes to modernise them. PJP Conveyors pride themselves on listening to customers to fully understand their requirements before coming up with solutions that suit their needs and budget.

Contact us for expert guidance on improving your conveyors.

Twin Belt Conveyor for Printing on the Base of Containers

Twin Belt Conveyor for Printing on the Base of Containers

Case Studies

Twin Belt Conveyor for Printing on the Base of Containers

Helping the food industry print on packaging

Have you ever noticed that food packaging often has information printed directly onto it, in addition to its label? Usually this is ‘Best Before’ or ‘Use By’ information. To do this, you need something like one of these PJP twin belt conveyors with a central gap to allow for ink jet printing on the base of containers.

The gap is large enough for a print head but small enough so products can bridge the gap sitting on both belts and still be stable.

Anything to do with food has strict hygiene requirements, hence this is manufactured from Stainless Steel with the design being suitable for washing down and easy cleaning.

An adaptable and safe solution

Flexibility is built into the design with adjustable side guides and the whole unit is easy to move around with its lockable castors.

In all our designs, health and safety is paramount, in fact, we have Safecontractor accreditation. So naturally this conveyor is safe from concerns such as finger traps.

This particular conveyor will be used by an Irish based fish-processor.

Please Contact us to find out more about the different conveyors we offer to suit a multitude of manufacturing, processing and warehouse requirements.

Rapid Conveyor Solution to Help National Retailer Cope with Christmas

Rapid Conveyor Solution to Help National Retailer Cope with Christmas

Case Studies

Rapid Conveyor Solution to Help National Retailer Cope with Christmas

A Christmas disaster strikes

It wasn’t looking like it was going to be a great Christmas for this national retailer. Their existing conveyor was finally beyond economical repair due to its age and condition after having been used 7 days a week for 12 years. It was heavily relied on as it was the only method of staff getting bulky items safely between floors in the warehouse – including lots of potential Christmas presents.

Just as their sales were ramping up, their conveyor broke down. 


PJP to the rescue

The organisation rightly called on PJP Conveyors to assist. We understood how vital these conveyors were to operations, especially so close to a major trading period.

Our strategy to ensure continuous operations was to attempt a temporary repair to see them through the period until a new conveyor could be supplied. Much to the delight of the client, we were able to carry out the repair successfully to enable limited use of the existing conveyor.

A sustainable long term solution developed

Meanwhile, the rest of the PJP team pulled out all the stops to get a new conveyor designed, manufactured, delivered & installed in less than 6 weeks from original breakdown being reported!

We also managed to get all the associated electrical controls replaced and upgraded so that they met current safety standards.

Christmas miracles (available any time of the year)

This is the closest PJP and the client got to a Christmas miracle, because our quick thinking and speedy turnaround truly saved the client from a very sticky situation.

PJP can offer a huge range of conveyor solutions, please contact us for more information.