Leading Cosmetics Manufacturer Benefits from PJP Pre-Planned Maintenance

Leading Cosmetics Manufacturer Benefits from PJP Pre-Planned Maintenance

Case Studies

Leading Cosmetics Manufacturer Benefits from PJP Pre-Planned Maintenance

One savvy cosmetics manufacturer has turned to PJP to proactively address potential issues in their conveyor operations before they escalate into more significant problems. As a manufacturing business, they need to be able to trust their machines and technology to run operations smoothly. An unexpected breakdown or equipment failure could spell disaster in terms of costly downtime, reduced productivity, eroded profits and unhappy customers. That’s why support and maintenance is key.

Checklists are our best friends

PJP takes a planned and systematic approach to maintaining the customer’s machinery, equipment and systems. This involves regularly servicing and inspecting the customer’s operational assets. At our most recent visit, we meticulously went through a huge checklist of items.

We checked everything to do with their conveyor’s rollers, bands, shafts, chains, joints, gates, fan vents, sensors, pull cords, motors… then cleaned, fixed, re-positioned and re-tensioned as needed.

Safety is crucial in the operation

Our visits are also the perfect opportunity to assess the safety of the entire operation. Safety checks and inspections help identify potential hazards or faulty components that could pose a threat to employees’ well-being. By addressing these issues promptly, the customer creates a safer working environment, reducing the chances of accidents or injuries.

Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

When installing spares, in line with the customer’s wishes, we use reconditioned parts when possible. This had sustainability benefits and keeps down the cost of the service.

We now have a watch list for the parts of their conveyors that are likely to need attention when we next come over. Everything is done in collaboration with the customer so there are no sharp intakes of breath. Just a reliable and fully working conveyor system that will have a significantly longer lifespan due to the care that we are taking over it.

We look after other manufacturers’ conveyors too

Did you know that we look after many conveyors that have been supplied by other manufacturers – not just the ones that we make?

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