SafeContractor Certification Success

SafeContractor Certification Success

We’ve only gone and passed our annual SafeContractor audit again! This shows our commitment to safe workplaces that protect people and the planet with carefully optimised operations.

The journey towards this health & safety compliance ‘gold standard’ is (to put it mildly) a fairly arduous task. To gain certification there are very strict guidelines around the evidence that you can provide.

Whilst submitting all our documentation, it became even more clear that health & safety is one of the key components to successful project management. It also shows our customers that we care about what we do.

Examples of documents that must be submitted and verified, are:

  • PAT Certification
  • Risk Assessment Method Statement (RAMS)
  • Toolbox Talks
  • Health & Safety Policy
  • Training Certificates
  • Quality Policy
  • Asbestos Awareness

Now our status has been awarded again, there is a reassuring feeling that we are doing things the right way (and relief!) We need to give a big shout out to Anthony in our team for his diligence in making this happen – we are proud to feature him together with the SafeContractor certificate.

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Manufacturing in 2023: 5 Major Changes we’ve Noticed

Manufacturing in 2023: 5 Major Changes we’ve Noticed

We have spent several decades in factories and seen a great deal of change during that time. Here are our recent observations on British manufacturing together with our thoughts on the opportunities and challenges they bring.


1) Data is huge

Whilst we work with electrical controls and integrating them into conveyor systems, the sheer breadth of electrical components now in manufacturing processes has given businesses more data than ever before. Dashboards, showing key management information, are something we see on most site visits. This constant reporting means problems are found quickly and can be dealt with.


2) A changing shift in the perception of AI

AI is very much becoming the norm in manufacturing and its presence is noticeably modernising manufacturing processes. Inventory management, supply chain management, predicting demand… it all uses AI now. AI is uniting entire supply chains and giving factories the ability to manufacture seamlessly. The fear that initially surrounded AI and its potential to take away jobs is lessening. In fact, seeing cobots working alongside human workforces to make processes slicker and safer is ever more common.


3) Predictive maintenance

This is a particular area of AI that interest PJP. Servicing and maintenance are essential to protecting hard-working equipment. And now AI is taking this idea to the next level with predictive maintenance systems helping companies nail the optimum time to replace parts: ensuring components use close to their maximum lifespan and minimising costly downtime caused by wear and tear.


4) Reduction in the workforce

Recruitment challenges are huge. The ‘great resignation’ we are still seeing has been caused by the perfect storm of low unemployment rates and high inflation in a post pandemic world where many workers are assessing their work-life balances. It’s a struggle to recruit skilled manufacturing engineers and workers – this is being compounded by many overseas workers now being painfully difficult to attract with new visa requirements.


5) Leaving the EU has created greater challenges

Manufacturing businesses buying from EU countries face increased paperwork, time and cost to get the items they need, and this has huge consequences for efficient manufacturing. When selling to overseas customers, mystical duty rates and resulting fines have left many manufacturers scratching their heads wondering just what is going on.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this article. We like to keep our finger on the pulse when it comes to both manufacturing and warehousing. Automating processes with a new conveyor or maintaining existing machinery can be a game changer for manufacturers and we pride ourselves in finding solutions for our customers that provide impressive returns on investment.

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PJP Merchandise Now Launched

PJP Merchandise Now Launched

PJP Director Paul Eden has been a very good sport using his best catalogue poses to demonstrate the new line of PJP merchandise! You’ll see the team sporting these whenever you meet them next.

We opted for a full wardrobe range encompassing polo, sweatshirt, jacket and the all-important high-vis vest for visiting factories.

Could we expand the range any further? Branded steel toe-cap boots maybe…

Safety first.